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Add value to your organisation through proper Governance!

This certificate provides the guidance boards and individual directors need to go from being merely active and in full compliance to making an important contribution to the business. With practical content and experienced facilitators, it offers participants a solid approach to transitioning to the next step in their evolution, becoming a competitive advantage to their companies

Modules include:

  • Corporate Governance Framework - provides a clear overview on how a corporate governance framework works effectively within a company.
  • Board Functions and Responsibilities - addresses how boards demonstrate good corporate governance practices in its functions and responsibilities.
  • Board Composition - examines these issues and demonstrates how a balance board is created to
    derive benefits to the board and the organisation.
  • Principles and Conventions associated with directorships and board etiquette - deals with board procedures relating to director induction and removal, boardroom etiquette, the authority of the chair and the managing of disruptive behavior in the boardroom.
  • Board Disclosure & Transparency - treats with the benefits obtained with corporate disclosure and transparency.
  • Evolving Role of the Corporate Secretary - provide directors with an understanding of what they should look for in a corporate secretary and how best to resource that function.

Key Faculty: Dr. Ron Sookram, Ms. Arlene McComie, Ms. Fe Lopez-Collymore, Mr. Ronnie Bissessar and Anthony D.J. Gafoor